Meeting space

From small groups to gatherings of up to 300 people, the Lakewood Abbey offers a variety of places to meet or hold training sessions or seminars.  A request to use the Lakewood Abbey can be found here.


The Sanctuary

Hourly rate: $150   Non-profit rate: $75 hour



Fellowship Hall (with stage)

Hourly rate: $50   Non-profit rate: $25 hour

2015-06-26 15.20.57



Hourly rate: $50  Non-profit rate: $25 hour

(Double convection oven; no cooktop)

2015-06-26 15.22.25


Doepker Lounge

Hourly rate: $30   Non-profit rate: $15 hour

Doepker Lounge (3)

Doepker Lounge (4)

2015-06-26 15.19.08



Hourly rate:  $30  Non-profit rate: $15

Chapel (2)



Hinchliffe Conference Room

Hour rate: $12  Non-profit rate: $6 hour

Hinchliffe Room (4)



Nursery (an add-on to other rentals)

Hourly rate: $10  Non-profit rate: $5



Questions?  Call 216-226-6500 or e-mail

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