Got a book in you?

Check out this opportunity to get it out through a month-long challenge to write 50,000 words — a little more than 1,600 a day.

Despite its name, what you produce during National Novel Writing Month doesn’t have to be a novel.  It can be a memoir, a non-fiction work or collection of short stories.  The point is to get in the writing groove for a month.

Check out National Novel Writing Month here — it starts Wednesday!

A local chapter will hold its “Thank God It’s Over” party on December 3 at the Lakewood Abbey.

Two new partners

The Lakewood Abbey welcomes two new partners in addressing needs of people in our community:

Work in Progress is a Lakewood firm offering coaching and consulting services, many geared toward people in recovery.  Teresa and Gretchen have moved into a cool, second-floor office.  You can find more about what they do at their website or Facebook page.

Refuge Recovery is a start-up recovery group that uses Buddhist principles in addressing addictions.  They’ll begin meeting downstairs in the lounge downstairs on Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m., beginning September 21.  Find out more at their Facebook page or the website for the national group.

Guitar lessons for kids

The Lakewood Abbey is pleased to become home to the west side location of Childbloom Guitar of Cleveland.

The Childbloom Guitar program is a high skills method of learning music through the guitar and focuses on young people beginning at age 5.

Childbloom began in 1980. It was the first national program to introduce young kids to music through the guitar.  Brian Kozak, the director of the Childbloom Program of Cleveland, has been running this program in Cleveland Heights for over 10 years and is now bringing Childbloom to the west side.

“Our goal has always been to provide kids with the skill and literacy necessary to allow them to go into whatever musical direction they wish,” Brian says.

Space available

We have some wonderful new spaces that will become available this summer.  So, whether you’re looking for an event venue, co-work space or exclusive space suitable for offices, classrooms, a yoga studio or other uses that benefit the community, check out what’s available at the Lakewood Abbey.

Meet the Lakewood Abbey

Lakewood Abbey, at the intersection of Hilliard Road and Woodward Avenue 2015-06-26 14.56.27in southwest Lakewood, Ohio, fosters community by offering office space to organizations, venues for artistic performances and community gatherings and co-work space for freelancers.

It’s also home to Faith Lutheran Church and other partners interested in spiritual growth and the care and growth of children in the community.



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